A chance for love

I thought long and hard and what little I am able to convey in words below were my intentions from the very beginning. No one is at fault. It was just a case of misplaced affection. I hope that in time I can learn to forget and move on.

A chance for Love

My intentions were simple
I wanted a chance to held your hands
To make you laugh when you’re feeling down
To dry your tears when you cry
To pull you up when the world got you down
To sway your heart to look my way

I wanted a chance
To say “xin lỗi” when I am in the wrong
To say “hey” when you’re feeling lonely
To say “I care” when you feel neglected
To say “I’ll listen” when you need to vent
To say “its ok” when you need to be comforted

I wanted a chance
to have what so many are looking for
and which so few people actually found
I wanted a chance to experience true love
But it can’t be force, if its not there
Goodbye heartbreak, you’re no friend of mine.


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