Focus Shift

I am guilty of idleness and complacency. Perhaps a shift in focus will bring about much needed changes. Recent experiences were all too forced and synthetic. Nothing seemed real and lasting. Reserved bitterness is the only way to be, at least until I find that something to do, love and hope for.


One thought on “Focus Shift

  1. Perhaps most of humanity is guilty of your sin. Yet, if you consider, it is in idleness our souls rest and take refuge from the storms of life. We strive daily to establish the comfort that will lull us to complacency. This could be a chance to rest your weariness and gather strength for the next push.

    Look to the horizon for the challenges of tomorrow but not make little of the peace of today.

    Nothing is real and nothing is permenant save for the love and devotion of those already around you. Reach out your hand and you will find your friends and companions readily reaching back.

    Love life: every breath is precious and holy. Hope for dawn: tomorrow is another day, awaiting your direction.

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