What’s in a life ?

I always wanted to be somebody and do something when I grow up. The thing is, I wasn’t real clear on how to go about being that somebody and doing that certain something I am passionate about. A good part of my 20s were spent waiting for moments that would never happen whilst life move on. I now realize that life is a nonstop pace, its what happen while I was sitting idle waiting for those perfect moments that will never come by. I will never meet that perfect someone, I will never get that perfect job, I will never buy that dream car. Nothing is instant, everything comes at a gradual pace, I’ll never meet that perfect someone if I don’t meet anyone else along the way, I will never find that perfect job if I don’t work my way up to it, you have to take a lot of $hit and do a lot of cruddy work before you get a chance to do what you’re truly passionate about. Oh and forget about that dream car too if that perfect job with a big fat salary isn’t there. But I digress, I should stop waiting and start doing.


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