The World I Know

Gazing through a tiny crack
Within the safe confines of my mind
I dared to look out for something more
Abashed by the apparent vastness

I never imagine there could be more to see
Yesterday’s problems seems so trivial
The world I knew, slowly crumbled
Within the confines of my mind

Beyond my narrow views
The world I know no longer exists
Pummeled by the drastic changes
I thought to myself, “So world this is you”

Lost and confused, I ponder my next move
Do I content in thinking myself learned and founded
Do I slip back into the confines of my mind
The pleasing thoughts and memories of a known world are still there

Should I admit to petty narrow mindedness
And embrace the world beyond my eyes
Knowing what the world is like now
How can I still gaze through the same tiny crack


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