mend a broken heart

I am but a side note in your life
Shattered hearts are bitter
How can I mend a broken heart ?
When the pieces I have are tainted by someone else’s ghost

The time we shared were brief
I wanted to be the one to put you back
How can I mend a broken heart ?
When your tears are wasted on regrets

Regrets for things that could’ve and would’ve been
You said no more heartaches and wished to be happy
How can I mend a broken heart ?
When your happiness are of past memories

I never wanted you to be sad
So I was always your clown
Hoping that maybe one day you can feel for me
The way you do with him

I finally told you how I feel
Thinking that its for the best
Somewhere deep inside of me
Thought maybe you would give me a chance

Chances are… its just not there
I don’t know what kind of person
you need for me to be
But I can only be who I am

I don’t know if what’s on the outside
is all of me that you see
All I know is that you will never feel for me
Love fades; and so too will you fade from my memories.

~ hai 10/2007


One thought on “mend a broken heart

  1. I’m touched by how you feel and I hope that those memories will fade. Remember, fading memories is far easier than healing a scar. I’m glad that you chose to fade a memory instead of leaving a mark where there would be a chance for a scar. You’ve chosen the right path.

    So I will guarantee you that it will fade! Friendship relationship can go eternally than love so don’t lose the friendship with that individual!

    Thuy =)

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